The current Dynamic Three-O Podcast crew is made up of Khryztof, Dellan, and Smalls. Khryztof is broadcasting from San Diego. Smalls is in New York City. And Dellan splits the distance in Cincinnati. How did this divine crew assemble you may ask? In the mid-80's, in the small town of Ada, Ohio, Smalls and Dellan would forge a friendship that would span close 30 years. Famous for starring in the cult classic film, The Mysterious Three, their penchant for collaboration only became more apparent as years went on. While it wasn't until the 00's, when Smalls sat in on the bass guitar in Dellan's band, The Bigfeet (now the Boomlots) that history surely was being made.

Smalls and Khryztof would meet at Bowling Green State University, where they were both art students. Smalls, Khryztof, and Matt Simmons (Technical Animation Lead on The Rio and Ice Age films) stomped the yard of BG as the Dynamic Three-O for 3 years before parting ways. While Simmons headed for the east coast, Smalls and Khryztof's passion for partying, watching live bands, and drinking beer would bring them to the west coast. As roommates, the two would collaborate on the experimental art and music project NEOTOLEDO. They performed almost 20 shows, before taking an indefinite hiatus. Before Smalls relocated to the east coast, he and Khryztof were contributors on the NEOTOLEDO Podcast. After years of planning, the boys joined longtime friend and collaborator Dellan for the Dynamic Three-O podcast.

Dynamic Three-O in Vegas